Protect and Survive

What to do on hearing the Fall-out Warning:

Bang Bang Bang
(Remember you may hear a fall-out warning without hearing an explosion.)

In the open

If you are out of doors, take the nearest and best available cover as quickly as possible, wiping all the dust you can from your skin and clothing at the entrance to the building in which you shelter.

At home

Fall-Out Room

All at home must go to the fall-out room and stay inside the inner refuge, keeping the radio tuned for Government advice and instructions.

Stay in your refuge

The dangers will be so intense that you may all need to stay inside your inner refuge in the fall-out room for at least forty-eight hours. If you need to go to the lavatory, or to replenish food or water supplies, do not stay outside your refuge for a second longer than is necessary.

After forty-eight hours the danger from fall-out will lessen - but you could still be risking your life by exposure to it. The longer you spend in your refuge the better. Listen to your radio.