Deep Space Menu System

A series of installation art featuring sink plungers repelling the gravity.
The original Suckers. 50 plungers sucked onto the gallery wall.
150 tricolour sink plungers invaded London's Spitalfields market.
Virtual sink plungers were placed in the Bankside Power Station, which has become Tate Modern.
Inspired by Otto von Guericke’s famous experiment “Magdeburg Hemispheres”, two sink plungers clung on each other in the air.
Sink plungers in glossy pink formed large concentric circular formation in the Elephant and Castle “pink” shopping centre.
Sink plungers on the road. The first destination was Tokyo, Japan.
Sink plungers entertained art-loving crowd in Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia, former Yugoslavia.
Series' 10 year anniversary Suckers. Once again plungers formed "Magdeburg Suckers", but this time it's self-contained.

The official, invaluable nuclear survival guide. Get yourself prepared for the worst case scenario.

T-shirt collection featuring beautiful molecular structure.
Lactose baby-T - not to be confused with Lacoste. Sweet.
Delta 9 THC gets you stoned. Peace.
Sarin is one of the deadliest chemical human beings have ever created.

This piece inspired by "super string theory", which describes the universe using "strings".

As defined in Foreign Terrorist Organizations, Country Reports on Terrorism and Patterns of Global Terrorism 2004, United States Department of State, April 2005

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Exhibition Invitations
Rare invitation cards designed by materia prima.
Don't Fuck With This Flat Death Gallery, Brixton, London
Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre, London

Archive of commercial works.

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